William Barton Close

William Barton CloseWilliam Barton CloseWilliam Barton Close

I am a native of Signal Mountain, Tennessee and have family that moved here in early 1913.


My Car Hobby

1903 Marr Auto Car

We Collect Buicks

My great grandfather, Walter Lorenzo Marr, designed this car and started the Marr Auto Car Company in 1902.  Mr.  Marr returned to Buick in 1904 and was Chief Engineer or Consulting Chief Engineer through 1922.

Barton Close Photography

My Photography Hobby

I have enjoyed photography since I was in High School at Baylor.  I took a photography class at The University of Illinois and that got me hooked.  Showing classic cars gives me the opportunity to take many photos of rare cars.


My Music Hobby

My minor at MTSU, Middle Tennessee State University, was Recording Industry Management.  I love all types of Music.

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W. Barton Close

711 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405, United States

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